Gretel is a Certified Life Coach through the Maxwell Leadership Coaching Certification Program.

Introductory Coaching Session:
Grit, Goals, and the Gap

This coaching session is perfect if you’ve thought about pursuing life coaching but weren’t sure
where to start or who might be the right fit.

With my standalone option, you can experience the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching and walk away
with the awareness and game plan you need to propel forward.

We’ll look at topics such as 

  • who you are

  • your present circumstances

  • what you value in life

  • where you’d like to be

…and explore the gap that’s holding you back from getting there.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have clarity and confidence about your next step.
This is a great option to decide if ongoing life-coaching is something you’d like to do.

A Great Starting Point:
Access Your DISC Assessment

As a part of my coaching journey, I completed the training program for the Maxwell DISC Certification. As a certified Behavioral Trainer and Consultant through the program, I am equipped to administer a valuable coaching resource known as the Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator.

The detailed report that is provided after taking this assessment, and the time spent with me going over your results, may be a great first step into coaching.

I offer this service for $197 with no commitment to further coaching required. Are you ready to uncover some powerful insights into your leadership style, personality, and areas of personal and professional growth?

I implore you to begin here by selecting “DISC Assessment” from my contact form.



Ongoing Coaching

With a minimum commitment of three months of regular coaching, you can experience so much breakthrough and freedom in your business, your aspirations, and your personal life.

I’d love to begin that journey with you!